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Written by Andrea   
Friday, 03 June 2011 18:56



50 pull ups

25 kettlebell swings, right arm  12kg

50 double unders or single unders

25 kettlebell swings, left arm  12kg

50 overhead squats  #65



40 pull ups or progressions

20 kettlebell swings, right arm  8kg

40 single unders, box jumps or step ups

20 kettlebell swings, left arm  8kg

40 overhead squats  #45



30 pull up progressions

15 kettlebell swings, right arm  4kg

30 step ups

15 kettlebell swings, left arm  4kg

30 overhead squats  #15-25


Ladies, this is a Sectionals WOD, but you are NOT competing! Take the rest breaks you need to get through the WOD safely and have fun.


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CrossFit is a strength and intensity based fitness program.

However, during pregnancy you want to concentrate on strength and keeping your body healthy, rather than the intensity.

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