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Saturday, 11 April 2009 11:50

Exercise Demos

Ring Rows

Start of a ring row

Ring rows are a sub for pull ups. keep a nice tight plank position and pull your chest up to the rings.

to of the ring row

Ring Row video


Pull up progression

pull up progression

Using a lower bar sit with your knees bent and your backside directly under the bar. Pull yourself straight up getting your chin over the bar.

top of the pull up progression

Push up progression

push ups on a tire

Here are some push up progressions for when baby gets in the way.

Use a tire or box to maintain full range of motion

push ups on stacked mats

Gymnastics mats can also be used for an elevated push up.

push ups against a wall

You can also do push ups against a wall if the other progressions become uncomfortable.

Good Mornings

start of a good morning

Using an empty bar or broomstick accross the back of your shoulders bend at the hips sending them back. Keep a nice flat back and your head in a neutral position.

finish a good morning

Good Mornings Video


Muscle Snatch Video


Hang Dumbell Clean