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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 16:00

Do's and Don'ts

In the 2nd trimester, more changes in your body begin to occur, and workouts need to be adjusted accordingly. First, no more exercises that require lying on the back. The uterus is large enough to cut off blood supply to the baby, so alternate core exercises will need to be implemented. Do push ups until you can't any more, then do them against a wall, on an elevated surface or on parallettes. Do toes to bar until you can't, then switch to knees to elbows. Kipping pull ups may start to become uncomfortable. If so, you can use bands or switch to rings rows as an alternative. If box jumps become uncomfortable, lower the box height or switch to step ups. It's now time to cut out rope climbs and (excluding gymnasts) inverted exercises. Switch to beginner rope climbs and dumbbell shoulder press. Use a lighter than usual kettlebell (Advanced) or do one-armed kettlebell swings. Olympic lifting should be modified at this point, lowering your weights about 25-35%. You should switch to the hang position for cleans and snatches, and use dumbbells when your belly begins to impede your bar path. Do not do squat cleans or snatches. Instead, clean or snatch the weight then lower yourself into the squat, making it a two part movement, or do power cleans and snatches. Start deadlifting with a heavy kettlebell so the weight is directly beneath you, which is safer. The Advanced group can switch to the sumo stance to continue deadlifting a bit longer with lighter weight. Front squat, back squat and overhead squat with the lighter weight, as long as it is comfortable. Don't squat below 90 degrees, again because of the relaxin hormone. Shoulder press and push press should remain comfortable for most during this trimester. Row, walk, run and do double and single unders until they become uncomfortable. Remember to check with your doctor before participating in any exercise program.